24 May 2015

This Week // #28

The Lost Gardens of Manchester Doing: Some fun things! Last weekend was filled with markets, and brunch and art galleries, and I also met some lovely fellow bloggers and brilliant Manchester brands at the Press Tent event on Wednesday. Sometimes life is so full and living in the middle of the city feels like the best thing ever.
Loving: The newest addition to the family! If you follow me on instagram you'll have spotted a sweet little black and white kitty around... His name is Otis and we got him from the RSPCA a couple of weeks ago. He has been settling in so well and evenings cuddling him are pretty darn lovely! Expect lots more kitty spam...
Wearing: Black, black and more black... When will I fall in love with colour again? It seems to have been years...!
Daydreaming: Of sunshine. This weather is really beginning to get to me - so much rain and drizzle and cold... Can you believe it is almost June? It feels more like March and I'm fed up of it. I want bright mornings and golden evenings...

Links of the week:
Loved reading both of these articles on ethical fashion, brilliant advice on how and why to get started with buying ethically: 5 Steps to build an ethical Wardrobe and 6 myths about buying ethical clothing.
There is a lot of talk about being a girlboss, how being in charge is awesome and something we should all aspire to. Now I love those ladies, and seeing their success, but there is a little whisper that says 'Maybe that isn't what I want'... so reading this was really interesting.
Fall for DIY always has great post but seeing as we're currently removing all plants from surfaces thanks to the kitty cat, this beautiful hanging planter is definitely on my project list!
The Irish Referendum was just SO uplifting to watch over the last few days. From people flying home to vote, to the crowds on the streets and the final result. After the last few months, it is so good to see people fighting and voting for equality. Love is for everyone and the rainbows over Dublin agree!

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23 May 2015

Style // Weekend Dressing

breton stripes and ripped jeans That grin on my face is from sheer joy at finding a patch of green, by the water, in the middle of the city. You can take the girl out of the country...! Weekends spent wandering around our neighbourhood are my favourite and that was just how last Sunday was spent. There was a market to explore, shops to visit and delicious streetfood to eat (I really recommend Fat Annie's Hot Dogs if you're in the area!). A simple weekend calls for a simple outfit and you can't go wrong with comfy jeans and a striped top. I love the oversize fit and frill hem on this version- I feel like it needs to be worn with bare feet and denim cutoffs, walking down a sunny beach somewhere... until then, a Manchester canal and a whole load of extra layers will just have to do! Here's to lots more weekends like this, please.classic weekend style by the Rochdale Canal, Manchester frill hem tee top
Wearing- Jeans and tee: both eBay finds but originally Next and H&M; Jacket: ASOS (old); Shoes: Primark (old); Scarf: Charity Shop; Bag: Grace Gordon London.



10 May 2015

Wedding // The Story of a Wedding Dress

I don't really know how to start talking about our wedding day. It was just such a perfect weekend and it seems like yesterday and forever ago all at once! I don't quite have the words for it all... So I thought I'd start with the dress. This is a style blog after all!
Lace and Tulle Wedding Dress Bridal Portrait
bride walking down the stairs, long tulle train and chapel length veil lace and tulle wedding dress with button up back {photos by DB Photography Sussex}

The wedding dress. It is such a huge deal! I actually felt very overwhelmed and conflicted when I first started thinking about dresses. I just could not get my head around the idea of spending a fortune on a dress for one day, no matter how special that day. Especially a fortune we don't have! So as I started looking at weddings online and on Pinterest, the idea of a second hand dress kept popping up and the journey to a dress began. I had in mind a few things for my dress: I wanted sleeves, I wanted lace and I wanted tulle. Cue lots of Etsy and Ebay searching... until I came across an 80s dress with exactly that, on Etsy, for £35.00 including postage from the USA, in my kind of size! With the thought I could alter it if I wanted, I went ahead and clicked buy! Prepare for a MAMMOTH post after the jump and brace yourselves for the 'before' photos!