25 November 2014

Style // Oversized

Winter style oversized knit and jeans Big chunky knitwear seems to be everywhere at the moment and I for one am pretty happy with this. I think an oversize top of any sort, paired with skinny jeans, is an outfit I feel most 'me' in, at any event, any time of the year. I bought this knit tunic second hand on eBay right at the start of the year and have happily pulled it out again now that temperatures have dropped again.
But enough about that. This outfit is really all about my two new favourite accessories - this hat and that clutch. The boy gave me this beautiful Catarzi hat for my birthday and it makes me feel like Stevie Nicks, which makes me very happy. As for the clutch, I've been crushing over the many, many faux fur clutches all over the internet since fashion week and decided to get on and DIY one for myself. It worked out like a dream and I want to wear it everywhere. Not practical? Fine.
(P.S. There will be a tutorial for the clutch up later this week if you want a go yourself!) Floppy brim hat and faux fur clutch ASOS Catarzi Floppy Hat oversize knit Ethical style buy second hand first Oversize faux fur clutch style xxx
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23 November 2014

This Week // #20

chambray and curls{Doesn't this look like a blissful, cosy spot? Reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Click image for source}

Doing: a little bit of forward planning. The boy and I are headed to his family in Cyprus for Christmas this year and a little bit of sunshine and family time will be an absolute tonic. I keep remembering the lovely time we had last time I went for Christmas and feeling rather excited! I cannot wait to swim in the sea again. In the meantime though, we need to get all of our Christmas shopping done a little earlier and generally get a bit organised! We also realised we need a plant sitter- I've managed to keep those babies alive for nearly 4 months, I'm not failing now! Funny the things that start making you feel like more of a grown up

Loving: The Christmas lights up around town. If you've never been to Manchester in Winter before, I should tell you it gets made over big style. The markets take over the City and absolutely everywhere is lit up. I'm especially fond of the golden lights in all the trees and it makes these dark days much more bearable.

Wearing: Second hand of course! If you've popped over to the blog any time this week or follow me on twitter, you'll have seen about #secondhandfirst week. It has been great pulling out my favourite charity shop and eBay finds and a great reminder that not everything needs to be new.

Daydreaming: About my wedding dress. Very girly of me I know, but my mum was up last weekend for my birthday and we managed to make major progress with fitting and sewing my dress (turns out it is pretty hard to fit your own bodice... Thanks mum, couldn't have done it without you!). After about 5 months of picking a dress apart, adding in new fabrics, creating new shapes, altering necklines, sleeves and fits, I have something that is very close to a finished dress! I'm spending my evenings doing a lot of handsewing of the detailing and  feeling very excited about it being finished sometime soon.

Links of the week:
I am very much a fan of this scarf from Beaumont Organic. It looks very cosy!
With the Christmas Shopping underway, I've loved browsing through this list of ethical suppliers. So many great ideas and beautiful stores!
I've been getting that end of year itch to change up the design of this space. I want to give it all an overhaul and so I've bookmarked this article as a great guide to styling and branding your online space.
Miista's streetsyle shots are always such a source of inspiration. People are so cool, how do they do it?

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21 November 2014

Style Files // How to find great clothes in Charity shops

I love shopping second hand. I think charity shops are complete treasure troves- as this post can attest to! I always get comments where people say they can never find anything good in charity shops and so in honour of #secondhandfirst week, I thought I'd put together a few of my tips.
5 tips for charity shopping thrift shopping op shopping
1. Have a list of wants
Shopping for one thing in particular in charity shops pretty much always ends in disappointment- if you need it badly, you know that it will never be there. Sod's law dictates! However, I tend to make myself a general list of things I want in my wardrobe, whether those be based on trends or on items I have that have worn out. At the moment, black jeans, chunky polo knits, ankle boots, and minimal silky tops are all on there and every time I pop into a charity shop I think about those things whilst browsing. It helps you stop feeling overwhelmed by the options and be a little more focused.

2. Ignore sizes
Charity shops are often dreadful at sizing things correctly, even ignoring the differences in sizing between different brands and eras. A too big jumper could be the perfect slouchy knit or that pair of jeans from the random brand might actually be more forgiving than you realise. If you like the look of something, try it on.

3. Style it up
Lots of things can look completely different with a few styling alterations, and could be just what you were looking for, so think creatively. A long shirt dress could be a light duster coat if you wear it open over your jeans. Cuffing trousers and sleeves can make them look a thousand times better. A too short dress might actually work as a great tunic. Chopping trousers off into shorts or maxi skirts into minis can let you have the perfect fit and length. The possibilities are endless! If you know what style you are after, have a play around with things- it might turn junk into gold for your wardrobe.

4. Be persistent
Charity shops often have a fairly high turnover of stock, so it is always worth popping back, Just because one trip was fruitless, doesn't mean they won't have something great in next week. Often, you'll find that the staff are regular and you can make friends- they might put stock aside for you if you're nice enough! Be prepared to browse and that it might take you more than one visit to find what you were hoping for.

5. Go upmarket
Choosing where you charity shop makes a big difference to what you can find. In low income areas, charity shops tend to have more customers buying up the best stock, and fewer people are able to donate, so often there isn't much to be found. Head to the wealthy districts and you often can find true treasure! I will make an afternoon of it and trawl round some of the more upmarket districts around Manchester, like Didsbury, Altrincham and Chorlton. They offer a huge amount more than the busy city centre shops and if the locals have money, their seconds tend to be pretty nice. After a little bit of exploring you can usually find out which shops tend to get the best stock in.

Do you shop second hand? Have you got any fail-safe techniques for finding amazing second hand items? Where are your favourite charity shops and what is the best thing you've found? I am currently very pleased with a mohair and cashmere knit I got for £2.00- very Acne-esque and I want to live in it right now!


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