09 December 2014

Style // Camel and Black

All black layers and camel accessories Do you ever find that some outfits make you feel cool? Not necessarily up-to-the-minute trendy kind of cool but the sort of put together and sleek kind of cool? This is one of those outfits for me. I'm putting that down to 3 things: first, all black layers and camel accessories. Always a good combination. Second,a red lip. A red lip always makes everything better. Third, a grown up handbag.
As a late birthday present and early Christmas present I finally got my hands on this beautiful Grace Gordon Eleanor tote. Grace makes the most beautiful bags in London, from vegetable tanned leather and her branding is just so impeccable and the designs are so sleek and beautiful that I have coveted every single piece for about the last 6 months! This was a big old gift (thanks mama and sister, you're amazing) but I am so  in love. I reckon this beautiful thing is going to be with me for a long old time. Just look at that baby! Grace Gordon Eleanor Tote British made leather handbag
Oversized camel scarf Wearing- jeans, tunic and boots: old Topshop (last year); Jumper: charity shop; scarf: DIY; bag: Grace Gordon


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07 December 2014

This week // #21

winter style inspiration from Salo Shayo{Alllll about the turtlenecks right now. So much love for this photo! Click it for the source}

Christmas present hunting and making! We're off to Cyprus next Sunday so everything needs to be bought, made, wrapped and sent off by then. I've been sewing some gifts and I've been at it in every spare minute this week- I think my sewing machine is about to pack its bags and leave! It is fun getting everything ready but I think I'm going to feel a bit confused when it is all sorted 10 days before Christmas!
Elvis & Kresse. I posted about them yesterday but I am so in love with their company ethos and their products. Don't forget, there's 15% off with the code 'chambray'
All of the hats and scarves. We got a cold snap this week and I've been bundling up like mad. I am always the one with a scarf and a hat on once it goes below 10 degrees celcius- if I don't wear them, I end up with a stinking cold, everytime. Wrap up warm kids!
Of a holiday in the sun, and family time. It is just going to be wonderful.
Links of the week:
I am so inspired by this collection of street style photos. I love seeing the differences in styles across the UK, and seeing how different cities have completely different vibes.
I always read all of the Harry Potter articles on Buzzfeed but this one absolutely killed me laughing. So many are so good. Tumblr, I salute you.
So apparently everyone is leaving London. I have never wanted to live in London- am I the only one? Smaller cities like Manchester, Brighton, Bristol and Newcastle feel like they have so much more life to me. People actually get to live in them rather than just go to work. Do you reckon this is the start of a shift away from London centred living?
This. Ron Swanson forever (literally).

Catch up with Chambray and Curls
// Oversized  // DIY Faux Fur Clutch // Elvis & Kresse //


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06 December 2014

New In // Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse Ethical fashion brand UK Trying to buy ethically has been so much more fun than I thought it would be. By ignoring the big High Street stores and stepping away from popular brands, I have found a whole world of amazing companies and products that I never would have discovered otherwise. It has actually put a whole lot more pleasure back into browsing to see companies doing things that are innovative, clever and beautiful.

One of those companies is Elvis & Kresse. They have created a beautiful range of accessories, ranging from overnight bags to key chains and belts. So far, so normal. Then they come in with two big differences- firstly, everything is made from reclaimed materials. The bags and accessories are mainly made from reclaimed firehoses, the branding tags use old cardboard, they have parachute silk lining the interiors and even the postage parcels are reclaimed. It is wonderful to see the ways in which they have turned things that would otherwise be headed for landfill into beautiful objects that can be used and loved. Secondly, 50% of their profits go straight to charity, to places like the Fire Fighter's Charity, the WFF and Comic Relief just to name a few. You can read all about it on their website. It is built into the fabric of their business that they support others and I find that pretty brilliant.
Elvis & Kresse reclaimed iphone case
Elvis & Kresse sent me a case for my Iphone*, made out of blue firehose, so I could see for myself what their products are like and I can tell you, they are fab. First, the parcel arrived and the phonecase was inside an elegant, simple presentation case made from recyled hose.The firehose has a beautiful texture, with a sheen like really expensive leather, but it hasn't marked or scratched one bit from me flinging it into my bag along with my keys and all sorts all week.I love that every piece with have its own unique patina depending on the materials it is made from. It feels exclusive and expensive, which is always a lovely feeling.

Having spent a good long time browsing their website, I have fallen in love with quite a few things. The overnight bag would be one of those investments that would last someone a lifetime and I have my eye on the cufflinks in blue- I reckon they could be just perfect for him to wear with his wedding suit! If you still have someone to buy a present for, I think this brand might be your solution. As an extra bonus, Elvis & Kresse are offering all of my readers a 15% discount off all orders too! Just use the code chambray, It is valid until the end of the month, and they have guaranteed shipping before Christmas right up until the 22nd. So, you can buy something beautiful and feel good about doing it! My favourites are below- just click on the pictures to have a look!
Elvis & Kresse Christmas Picks


*Disclaimer- Elvis & Kresse sent me the beautiful phone case free of charge, but this post has not been paid for, the links are not affiliates, and all of the words and opinions are my own. I only recommend things I love :)