26 April 2015

This week // #27

green and white bridal bouquet
{my bridal bouquet}

Doing: Well... I went and got married! Last weekend was just the best weekend ever. Having our families and best friends celebrating with us in the sunshine, surrounded by beautiful countryside, was just bliss. Everyone worked so hard to make it just what we wanted and I feel almost overwhelmed by all the love we have been shown. It was the most incredible start to our married life and I cannot WAIT to share the photos with you soon.

Loving: Free time. It feels totally surreal that we aren't getting everything ready for this big event any more- I can actually do nothing all weekend! I'm so looking forward to getting back to blogging and photographing and doing all the little things that have been pushed to the side by wedding planning.

Wearing: the same things over, and over. I'm feeling in a bit of a style rut right now- I don't seem to have many clothes that work for the sunny days that aren't summer. I always feel a little stuck when the seasons change and I adjust to finding new staples. Does anyone else find that? I'm never comfortable baring too much skin either, so finding long sleeve tops that work for the warmer weather is my current challenge. Ethical basics, on a budget, that feel like me? It is a big old task...

Daydreaming: Of hot summer days and adventures. Now the wedding is over, the next plan is to decide where to go for honeymoon! I'm doing a lot of wanderlusting right now!

Links of the week:
The news coming out of Nepal this weekend is just awful. My thoughts and prayers are with all those people left without their loved ones, without their homes and without water, food and electricty. All of my respect and admiration is with those working out there to find people, and trying to make them safe. Nepal is going to need a lot of help over the coming months and years to recover from this and I know that my help, even in a small way, is better than none.There are lots of appeals for aid donations and so I'm linking a few here:
Oxfam // Unicef // Action Aid
You'll know from my last post that it was Fashion Revolution Day on Friday and it was so great to see so much response to the issue. I really feel like 2015 might see some real pressure on brands to change production processes and increase transparency. I loved seeing all the things people did to celebrate the day, especially these gorgeous screensavers Hannah made!
All this free time means my creative fingers are itching. I am in love with this fringe clutch from A Pair and a Spare, and I reckon it might just be my next project!

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24 April 2015

Ethical Fashion // #Whomademyclothes

Fashion Revolution Day 2015 Since getting involved in ethical fashion, one of the hardest things for me has been transparency. It is SO hard to pin down how and where clothes are made, even when hunting through company ethics statements and emailing customer service teams. I feel it is a little scary how distanced we are from the origins of the things we buy, that there is no real link to the people who have made our things with such care and attention so I love the whole ethos behind Fashion Revolution. I really think that we can make the whole fashion industry better by asking brands to know more about their supply chain. If we as consumers keep asking for more transparency, the more brands will have to keep an eye on the factories they use and the standards they enforce. I really hope that we can push for a place where the clothes we love don't have to be in the shadow of events like Rana Plaza.

So, today is time to ask your favourite brands #whomademyclothes? Just tweet them, or email them, or instagram them and ask! Get involved on social media and follow the hastags #FashRev and #Whomademyclothes (and you can follow the official Fashion Revolution twitter too for all the updates!) It was a great day last year and I cannot wait to see how all the brands get involved and respond to our questions! 

For any Manchester folks who want to get involved, there are a few events going on too: 
Goodstock, the coolest charity shop in town,are putting on an interactive window display, with a photobooth and offering a 10% discount for anyone tagging their purchases with @goodstockshop and #whomademyclothes 
There is going to be a fashion flashmob in All Saints Park next to Man Met at 12pm for anyone who wants to help raise awareness and get chatting to other people involved
Gorgeous Couture are going to be on social media all day, sharing stories about their makers at their Manchester based design studio- follow their twitter, instagram or facebook for updates!
On Saturday, the Whitworth Art Gallery are hosting a talk by designer Katherine Hammnet and workshops on upcycling to celebrate the long history of textiles in Manchester. The full event schedule is here and it is all free!

'Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will' - Anne Klein


26 March 2015

Wedding // The final countdown

engagement ring photographWe took these photos with a remote and tripod, in the back garden whilst we were living in Sussex, a few weeks after getting engaged. And now we have just three weeks until we get married. Three weeks! It is feeling a little surreal that it is so close, after so long of it feeling light years away. The last few weeks have been whizzing by, with the weekends and evenings stuffed full of wedmin. We keep catching each other's eyes and grinning in realisation that it is actually happening!
engagement photography shoot, cherry blossom holding hands, engagement photograph
I wrote this post on weddings almost a year ago, when we were just getting started with planning the wedding. We're a long way from those first thoughts now and it made me think it might be nice to give you all a little update- especially wedding planning is totally to blame for my blogging absence recently!

So, here is our wedding thus far, in numbers! 

drafts of the Order of Service (it might even get finished some day soon!)

metres of garlands ready to hang at the reception

wedding dress, 98% complete

days to get it finished in...

people who have helped us more than we could ever have imagined (DIY weddings are in no way a one man band!)

hours too many spent deciding what on earth to have played at the ceremony...

tubes of gold glitter, being put to good use

spare invitations  thanks to me forgetting that the number of guests doesn't equate to the number of households

of us who teared up a little hearing our banns read out at Manchester Cathedral

bottles of champagne behind our bed 

wedding meltdowns... So far! 

Roll on the 18th of April! Fingers crossed I finish that dress of mine in time...


P.S. If you want a sneak peek of what I've been making the wedding there are a few photos scattered in my instagram feed- chambrayandcurls